Been Dumped?

Being Dumped?

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Most of us know the emotional aftermath of getting dumped. There may be a little shell shock if it was unexpected, but most people will feel a certain level of embarrassment, sadness, and rejection after being dumped. Some people end up seriously depressed because getting over being dumped by someone you really care about and wanted a future with can wreck your self-esteem and your general idea of what the future of your life would look like. One day you are in love and the next you are dealing with getting over being dumped, yet still somehow in love.

How you go about getting over being dumped can show a lot about your character. It is easy to attempt getting over being dumped by keying your ex's car or sending vicious emails to all of his friends and family members spilling all of his dirty history. These angry actions often feel good in the moment, but when all the damage is done and you have pushed your ex away even further as a result, you still have to deal with getting over being dumped. The pain doesn't go away just by hurting your ex in return.

Getting over being dumped can be done with your pride intact! Lashing out to hurt your ex in return may be a basic human instinct, but it will not help you in getting over being dumped, so it is best to just focus on healing your own heartbreak and getting on with your life!

You may not be up to dating right away if you are getting over being dumped by someone who truly cared about, but look around anyway and see all the other fish still floating in your sea. There are literally single men and women everywhere, and one of them just may be the one you are destined to be with. Yet, you won't find them if you close yourself off from being dumped and refuse to give anyone else a chance.


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