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If you are on this page, you are probably in the emotional state where I was a couple of years back when the beautiful relationship I was enjoying with my wife crashed. You are probably thinking, how did it happen? Why me? I should have seen it coming? I thought I knew him/her well?

You are hurting. You are bitter. You are confused. That relationship you were so proud of is breaking up right in your face. The love of your life is gone. You have been jilted and you are feeling dejected and rejected. You never thought that a marriage/relationship this good would ever end in divorce. You tried to be a good husband/wife but your spouse ended up dumping you. You are heart-broken.

If you have or are currently facing any of these dilemmas, I want to encourage you to stay on with me. You are not alone on this. There are millions of people, men and women, like you all over the world right now going through exactly what you are going through. And they are all asking the same questions you are asking. They want the same answers you are looking for. Their spirits are broken, their hurt is deep and they are feeling hate all around them. I was in your shoes some two years back so I know exactly what shoe you are wearing now. I know the exact points the shoe is pinching. I have asked your questions, shed your tears and tried to answer some of the very nagging questions you are asking now and that is why you have this page.

It is my sincere hope that I am able to reach a whole lot of people who are going through this same pain and to hold them hand in hand and walk them back to that place of bliss where they can once again give love and receive love. That wonderful place of unreserved openness where you are once again willing to give it all knowing that whatever happens, it is a WIN-WIN affair for you.

I have been there. I had it all beautiful. I had pride in the relationship. I would tell anyone that cared to listen about how wonderful my relationship was. We were the toast of our friends. People used us as examples. We were a model of what relationships should be. It was good. And then, without warning, things started crumbling and they moved so fast I could not just understand how and why they were happening. My spouse was beginning to loathe me for reasons I could not understand. I fought, I screamed, I kicked, I tried every trick I had in my head but she was more gone than I had noticed. She was seeing another man and she could no longer cope with hiding it from me. And we broke up. The funny thing was that she was crying the day she left but she still left. Yes, she left crying. And I was left alone in this wide cruel world. The love of my life was gone. The love I had bragged about was gone. I had been dumped. Was I devastated????  You answer that.

I hurt like hell. I just wanted to keep hurting. I did not want any consolation. Of what use was it? She was gone and at that point, it looked like nothing was going to bring her back again. The only consolation I had was the hurt feeling I was enjoying. It was all her fault!!! Of course, that was the easier way of consoling myself. How could it ever have been my fault? I loved her. The best I could??????

I took a while to hurt. I mean, really really hurt. After all I am only human and in this situation, it is allowed. It helps you clear your head a little. But somewhere inside of me I still wanted her. I still loved her. After all it was all bliss at one point. Something must have gone wrong. Where did it all go wrong? What did we do or didn't do? Could I have been a contributor to why it happened? Where did we miss the balance? If it was good at one time, it could come good again. Yes, you read it right. But that is only if I can work it. Am sure you have heard that popular saying "it works if you work it". And that's really the essence of this article: Healing Broken Relationships.I healed mine and if I could, you can.

I want to say at this juncture that this article may not be for everybody. It is for those that want to once again experience love after being hurt. I know there are some of us that are still deeply hurting and are yet not ready to tow the path least travelled by hurting people; The path of winning love back again. It is okay that you are hurting. You are human and it also shows that you at least loved your partner. Take as much time as you may need, but I would advice you try to get over it as quickly as possible and get onto the path of healing. I have been where you are now and I know first hand how difficult it is coming out. But I also know how more terrible it is remaining in hurt. I am saying: COME OUT!!! Let's have a review of what might have happened and what can be done to get love back to your life once more. You will do well to stay with me. I am concerned about you. I have walked where you are walking. And that is why I have painstakingly taken time to bring into one place real life advice, suggestions and recommendations that I am convinced will help you go through it and win love back into your life again. The materials here helped me and am sure they will do same for you. But you are going to be the one to do it for yourself. My only guarantee is that if you want that love back and you are ready to work on it, then YOU CAN HAVE YOUR LOVE BACK!!

In as much as I would have loved to pour out everything in this one post, I know it is not possible. Space and time will not allow that. So I will be taking it in bits. I want to once again assure you that you can find joy in love again. But you are going to have to stand up and go for it. I decided to get love back into my life after being hurt and I had to get up, get out of hurt and go find it. And I found it. You too can.

I know that we have different ways of handling the same issues. We have different temperaments and we desire different things after being hurt in a relationship. But I also know that we all want love in our lives, so no matter what you desire-getting him/her back, looking for a new love, restoring spark into your relationship,  handling compatibility issues, keeping him/her forever in love with you, I have tried to get information and materials for you. These are materials I have used and am sure they work. I am reconciled with my wife now and we are having the best love of our lives. That's the reason I want to share this with you because I want families to be healed. I want our children all over the world to have the best of parenting. I want our young men and women who are in relationships now to enjoy the very best of it.

I have witnessed the extent of damage broken relationships especially in marriage is causing in our world. The overall effect on the larger society is unthinkable. The individuals concerned are torn into shreds emotionally, the children are split between the two parents and they also have their own share of emotional issues to contend with and in the long run the larger society suffers.

I will be leaving you with the materials I used to heal myself and get love back to my life. I encourage any one that is serious about love to get them and use them and I guarantee you, you are on your way to love again. I will be discussing them detail by detail in my later posts. I encourage you to get them, read them, act on them so that we can all share our testimonies and let others that are hurting know that they can come out of hurt and love again. You can go to my blog to get them.

 These are materials I have personally used and am recommending them to you. I am interested in your testimonies. Please let me know how much the materials have helped. Your criticisms are also welcome. I want you and I to join hands to bring back love to the hurting.



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