Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

Unfaithful Partner?

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If you feel that something is not right, but you are not sure if it is all in your head or is it really happening, then it is time to check for signs that will help you decide if you girlfriend is cheating on you. Listed below are 5 signs that will help you decide if your suspicion is justified or not.

· Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend  1 – If she goes out shopping and comes back after 5 – 7 hours with very few pieces of merchandise, it is time to wonder what exactly was your girlfriend doing and is she cheating on you.

· Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend 2 – If a new person has popped into your girlfriend’s life and she spends a significant amount of time with him, it may be wise to ponder on the possibility, is she cheating on you.

· Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend 3 – If your girlfriend visits the beauty salon a lot more than usual and tries the latest fashions despite the lack of an occasion, it may be time to consider the possibility, is your girlfriend cheating on you.

· Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend 4 – Women who cheat on their partners tend to feel insecure and guilty. They will often become paranoid when you or others ask them simple questions and will tend to justify themselves to you.

· Signs of a cheating Girlfriend 5 – If your girlfriend was otherwise cool headed and has started picking fights due to no evident reason it is obvious to wonder, is your girlfriend cheating on you. This reaction coupled with staying out of sight for many hours after the fight, may be enough reason to doubt that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Women who cheat on their partners tend to justify themselves in their own minds to make them feel that they are not doing anything wrong. The direct result of justification is lies which are told to people around them, in order to help the person avoid the truth. 


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