Been Ditched?

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How to survive a break up is easy when you use the right tools. The no contact rule is the best tool. And I will show you how to use it to get over a break up. Keep on reading and you will pick up some good tips.

How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule - Tip 1

Using the no contact rule is the best way to deal with a break up. You just stop communicating with your ex. Be polite because this leaves the door open for another chance. Just politely ignore all their attempts to contact you. Do not worry and second guess this works. Using the no contact rule is how to survive a break up.

How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule - Tip 2

Don't be afraid of the no contact rule. It might seem hard at first but it will get easier, just stick to it. Those first few days you will start to worry that they'll replace you. Getting over a break up requires discipline and faith in yourself.

How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule - Tip 3

You're probably starting get a lot of advice by now. Don't listen to it. It is what they think you need to hear. Instead learn how to survive a break up by getting a good plan. The no contact rule works great, but you need a plan for using it. Learn how to get over a break up using the no contact rule.

How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule - Tip 4

Rumors are your worst enemy, and people like to spread them, don't listen. If your ex starts dating don't worry it's just a rebound relationship. Stay focused on the no contact rule, and you will survive this break up. You can't just “patch things up.” This is where most people fail, stick to the plan, and survive this break up.

How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule - Tip 5

If you can stick with the no contact rule you'll become a stronger more confident person. Confidence is sexy, and sexy attracts. If you break no contact, you will look weak, needy, and that repels. Don't worry, if you break no contact learn from your mistake and start over, and you'll survive this break up.

Your Best Chance To Survive A Break Up

If you are emotionally unbalanced you need someone or something to keep you in balance...Right? I mean, do you really think by randomly getting advice from friends, family, and co-workers, that you're going to succeed? You need a plan, a plan that works. If you want to survive this break up you'll need help.



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